Using emotional insight
for personal development and professional success


We know we're pretty damn emotionally intelligent already, but if we're honest we might admit that whilst we certainly have strengths, we have a few weaknesses also.  But one great thing about emotional intelligence is that it isn’t fixed, but is learned and enhanced throughout a lifetime – just compare how much more confident and at ease with yourself you are now than when you were a teenager. We learn, we grow, we mature, we get better.

However, sometimes we may get 'stuck' with the occasional issue – perhaps we still procrastinate more than we wish, perhaps our inner critic undermines what we do, perhaps we know we're capable of so much more but somehow we keep holding ourselves back.  Whilst you can wait to learn and develop further on your own, sometimes it's great to get a bit of help and burst through the limitations that are stopping you from becoming the person you've always wanted to be.

You don’t have to put up with being un-motivated, being permanently stressed, having no confidence or having a violent temper – we can all learn new ways of thinking about ourselves, our lives and our emotions that give us new strengths and revolutionise the way we feel.  Working with groups or individuals through training and coaching I draw on my training in NLP, applied psychology and self development theory to equip people with tools to transform the way they feel.  Have a read of how I can help, or simply contact me and ask me directly.