Using emotional insight
for personal development and professional success

Is this you?

Are you wondering whether EI is the right approach for you? Do you want to know how you might benefit from training? I don’t want to rule anyone out, but if any of the following applies to you then there’s a good chance we’ll work well together.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you interested in personal development? Do you want to develop more skills for dealing with yourself and others?

By enhancing your Emotional Intelligence you will improve your personal effectiveness. If you’re interested in becoming better at what you do and are prepared to look at the way your interactions and thought processes influence your success, I can help you.

Do you feel that there is an area of your personality or approach to life that is holding you back?

Perhaps you wish you had more confidence, higher self esteem, more drive, or were better at remaining calm and clear. If this is the case and you have a desire to change and overcome these limitations, get in touch.

Do you have the talent, intellectual skills and creativity to be highly successful but feel that somehow you are under-achieving? Maybe sometimes you are your own worst enemy and you have trouble staying on track.

Most of us feel we could do better, but knowing what steps to take – and taking them – can be really hard. Often, a few simple techniques for adjusting the way you think about work and personal life is all it takes to unleash a great deal more motivation, determination and power to succeed. A little extra self insight can go a long way.

Are you highly motivated and quite successful, yet find you are rarely at peace with yourself and continue to criticise yourself harshly even when everyone else tells you that you are doing well?

Taking the time to get to know your inner critic and learning to work with it more effectively can bring you a lot more peace and enjoyment in life. And, despite what that critic may be saying to you right now, it can be done without compromising your standards, your motivation or your ability to work effectively. I can show you how to remain focussed and motivated without having to beat yourself up all the time.

Do you value emotions – your own and others – and realise they have a significant impact on your experience of the world and the way others behave?

I’m going to be talking a lot about emotions, about your own and those of others. This doesn’t mean I’m into the whole New Age, let-all-your-emotions-hang-out approach to life. Emotions are an incredibly valuable source of information about ourselves and about our situation and we ignore them at our peril. However, on the other hand emotions left to run unchecked can lead to huge problems and mistakes. Emotional intelligence is about having an awareness of emotions and learning to manage them appropriately – in yourself and in others. Sometimes that means listening to, or expressing, emotions more, sometimes it means listening and expressing them less. The key is to understand what is appropriate in a situation. Simply ignoring emotions and the powerful impact they have on what we do and the choices we make is a very poor idea.

Do you want to gain greater skills in dealing with people in a personal and professional context?

A lot of the techniques I use are concerned with helping individuals become more effective in their relationships with others. Much of this comes from encouraging greater self insight and enabling people to understand and even change the way they think and feel. Other skills I teach involve the ability to gain rapport more easily, tactics for having difficult conversations, improving negotiation skills and building successful relationships more quickly.

Are you open to new ideas about how you think about yourself and others?

My work is based around gaining better self insight and then using it to promote more effective ways of managing yourself – managing your own emotions, expectations, beliefs and thought processes.

You think of yourself as a ‘work in progress’ rather than as a finished product.

We all have more to learn, strengths to enhance and weaknesses to overcome. If you felt you were already perfect and have already sorted out all your problems, you wouldn’t be reading this now. Personal development is a lifetime’s work as we constantly have new opportunities to improve, strengthen ourselves and get better at what we do. If you want to improve who you are and what you do, I can help.

What next?

If any of the above sounded familiar, have a look at how I can help, or get in touch to talk more.

If you're not sure, no problem – come and have a look at the blog to find out more about Emotional Intelligence.