Using emotional insight
for personal development and professional success


Viewing the activities of your organisation through the perspective of Emotional Intelligence will reveal a range of useful new insights – it can help you understand how to make your staff more effective and happier, make you more successful at communicating with the general public, better at building relationships and enhance your overall creativity and flexibility.

I've been consulting with and training organisations to bring them the insights of emotional intelligence – helping enhance the skills of their staff, but also critiquing and improving their methods.  We all have a sense of what emotional intelligence means and why it must be the best approach, but it isn't always easy to turn that understanding into concrete action and new approaches.  I can give you the vocabulary you need to understand what you do more clearly, and give you techniques and tools that will enhance your activities.  By respecting your detailed knowledge of your sector whilst introducing new ways of thinking and talking about your organisation's tactics I can make it easier for you to be even more successful than before.

By applying Emotional Intelligence to campaigning, lobbying, and internal communication, considerable improvements can be made in terms of encouraging change, establishing trusted relationships with clients and stakeholders, and improving morale and efficiency.  Read further to see how I can help you.  Or simply contact me and ask me directly.