Using emotional insight
for personal development and professional success

Is this you?

If you are wondering whether the work I do is suitable to your organisation, perhaps the following points will help you decide.

Do you communicate regularly with the public? Do you want to be more effective in your communications?

Whether you are a charity, campaigning organisation, part of the public sector or a private company, a huge amount of what you are trying to achieve will be based on communication. Failing to understand the emotional component of communication is like trying to create a painting without using colour. A great deal of my work is concerned with improving the way organisations communicate with the public and with each other. By examining communications through the lens of emotional intelligence it often becomes very obvious how organisations undermine their own communication goals by failing to take account of the emotional context in which they are communicating. I can give you a new vocabulary for analysing your approach and help increase the effectiveness of your messages.

Are you concerned with influencing decision making?

Most decisions are emotion based rather than intellect based. No one would argue intellectually that it’s a good idea to smoke, but many people still smoke – the decision is an emotional one, not an intellectual one. By developing a greater understanding of the unconscious, emotional components of the decision making process and analysing the emotional context in which decisions are made, we can become more effective at supporting constructive and positive action.

Does your organisation place an emphasis on building and maintaining relationships?

Emotional intelligence techniques are particularly powerful at creating stronger and longer lasting relationships. Understanding how the emotional component of an interaction influences relationships will make your organisation better at forming and maintaining effective relationships. Whether equipping your staff with better skills, or improving the strategies you use to communicate with the public, stronger relationships will enhance the effectiveness of all parts of your organisation.

Do you want to encourage greater creativity and clearer communication? Changing the internal culture of your organisation will help.

Organisations, as well as individuals, can behave in a more or less emotionally intelligent fashion. Organisations who fail to be emotionally intelligent tend to repress individuality and creativity, squash useful criticism, create a culture of distrust and unhealthy competition in employees. By working to enhance the emotional intelligence of your organisation it will become far better at honest, useful, internal communication, be far more supportive of staff needs, and be a place that allows individuals to flourish. If you want to create a really positive corporate culture that gets the best out of employees, I can help.

Is your organisation comfortable with the idea of dealing with people with honesty and integrity?

Setting aside spin and manipulation and utilising an honest, open, culture – if handled correctly – is often the most effective approach for everyone involved. I have done a lot of work with organisations seeking to make this difficult and often daunting transition and have repeatedly found that they have received a much better response from the public and communities they serve when they change the way they think about communicating and use integrity to connect with their clients, stake holders and supporters.

Is your organisation keen to use innovative new ideas?

A great deal of what I do is new – in fact, much of it involves applying proven techniques in entirely new ways. If your organisation is open to innovation and interested in using fresh and exciting techniques to become more effective at what you do, then get in touch. Together, we can formulate a unique approach that will help your organisation increase its impact in its area of expertise.

What next?

If the above sounded familiar, have a look at how I can help, or get in touch to talk more.

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